Ragefire Chasm

Status: complete, updated 2013-02-11

Type: Dungeon

Level Range: 15-21

Level Heroic: NA

Players: 5

Required item level: NA

Location: Orgrimmar

Guide: http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/26576

Special Notes:
As it is the lowest level instance in the game (only players level 10 and up may enter, and 15 and up may queue), Ragefire Chasm doesn't have much behind it in terms of being long, or having the best loot. This instance is pretty much easy experience and a good introduction to the instance system for those who are unfamiliar with it.

1 - Oggleflint (http://www.wowwiki.com/Oggleflint)
Oggleflint is almost identical in difficulty to any other trogg you encounter in Ragefire Chasm. He doesn't aggro when you pull the two troggs in the room with him, so just pull them out onto the ledge and kill them. The only thing to be careful of is his Cleave which will hit two melee-range players, but otherwise he's simply tank and spank. It's best to let a mage polymorph adds if there are any, and then just kill him.
Announce tactics: /p CC adds

2 - Taragaman the Hungerer (http://www.wowwiki.com/Taragaman_the_Hungerer)
Taragaman is not nearly as tough as he looks. Just make sure your tank keeps him away from the casters and he should present no problem for you. He has two abilities that he will use occasionally; Fire Nova and Uppercut. Fire Nova is a fairly strong AoE DD, and Uppercut is an attack that will knock you back a few feet. Just to be safe, make sure you clear all the mobs on the islands next to him before you pull him, in case someone gets knocked near them by the Uppercut. Be careful not to stand within 20 yards of the edge, otherwise you could be thrown into the lava. This could cause a wipe for your group.
Announce tactics: /p

3 - Jergosh the Invoker (http://www.wowwiki.com/Jergosh_the_Invoker)
Jergosh is identical to the other Searing Blade Warlocks in Ragefire Chasm, except that he doesn­t have a Voidwalker pet, has a few more hitpoints, and he hits a bit harder. He will cast Immolate and Curse of Weakness throughout the fight, which are identical to the Warlock versions and equally strong. Immolate is a somewhat strong DoT spell, and Curse of Weakness will reduce the damage dealt by the target by 6. Be wary of the other Searing Blade Cultists around him. It is best to clear the area around him until only Jergosh and his close followers are left. Once that happens, take down Jergosh, and eliminate the cultists around him. Be careful of the curses he will apply, and his spells, which do slightly higher damage.
Announce tactics: /p

4 - Bazzalan (http://www.wowwiki.com/Bazzalan)
Bazzalan is a bit tougher than the other bosses you will encounter in Ragefire Chasm. He swings fast and hits hard. However, with careful pulling, you can fight him without engaging the two Searing Blade Cultists that are standing in front of him. Bazzalan is a rogue, and he will use Sinister Strike frequently throughout the fight. He will also occasionally afflict you with a mild poison.
Announce tactics: /p