Status: complete, 2017-03-02
Type: Dungeon
Level Range: 15-21
Level Heroic: 85
Players: 5
Required item level: N/A

Location: Westfall
Continent: Eastern Kingdom


Special notes: dont forget to get Ol' Beaky between the dock and the ship in then end of the instance
DPS can stand in red bubble for increased damage. Avoid as tank since it gives extra damage as well.

1 - Glubtok (
Tank boss away from your party, pick him up when he resets aggro.
Announce tactics: /p dont stand in the shit, just tank and spank fight

2 - Helix Gearbreaker (
Clear the room first. Stay away from bombs.
Announce tactics: /p avoid the bombs

3 - Foe Reaper 5000 (
Stay away from boss on the pinwheel aoe thingy
Announce tactics: /p stay away from boss when he is doing his pinwheel aoe thing

4 - Admiral Ripsnarl (
Pick up adds when the fog comes then then pick up boss again.
Announce tactics: /p just tank and spank, get adds when fog is up

5 - Captain Cookie (
Eat the golden food and avoid the rotten food for more damage.
Announce tactics: /p tank and spank, get buff from food for extra damage