Blackrock Spire - Lower

Status: updated 2013-02-09
Type: Dungeon
Level Range: 55-65
Level Heroic:
Players: 5
Required item level: NA

Location: Blackrock Mountain, Burning Steppes


1 - Highlord Omokk (
Tank Omokk against a wall to negate the knockback. Droppes Omokk's head used to summon Urok Doomhowl later in this dungeon. Do not forget to grab a Roughshod Pike leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the room where you came from before moving on.
Announce tactics: /p

2 - Shadow Hunter Vosh'gajin (
Transforms nearby enemies into frogs, rendering them unable to attack or cast spells for 8 sec. Non melee should stand at least 20 yards away from Vosh'gajin to ensure that they are not hexxed. Hex, fortunately, does not cause the tank to drop aggro. Curse of Blood is probably the most ignorable debuff in the game.
Announce tactics: /p ranged should stand at least 20 yards away from boss to avoid mindcontrol

3 - War Master Voone and Mor Grayhoof (summoned) (
Announce tactics: /p interrupt heals for Grayhoof

4 - Mother Smolderweb (
Just tank and spank.
Announce tactics: /p just tank and spank fight

5 - Urok Doomhowl (
Summoned by using Roughshod Pike and Omokk's Head dropped
by Highlord Omokk.You will need to protect the pike a few
minutes before Urok arrives.

Operating Ommokk's head during the fight causes a lot of damage to his minions. Someone should be assigned to use it as soon as it becomes available (about a 30 second cooldown).
Announce tactics: /p someone take the omokks head during the fight for extra damage

6 - Halycon + Grizul The Slaveger ( (
Announce tactics: /p

7 - Quartermaster Zigris (
He likes to use his gun, so pull him out into the hallway to fight him. Otherwise, he may back up to get a shot and pull in a several tough adds.
Announce tactics: /p

8 - Overlord Wyrmthalak (
Wyrmthalak is a relatively simple fight. He performs a knockback so it is best to tank him against the wall behind him.
Announce tactics: /p