Blackrock Depths - Upper City

Status: complete, 2013-03-02

Type: Dungeon

Level Range: 51-61

Level Heroic: N/A

Players: 5

Required item level: NA

Location: Blackrock Mountain


Special Notes:
To complete the Upper City, players must kill Emperor Dagran Thaurissan -- this may be an ideal time to use the Abandoned Mole Machine near the portal entrance, to shorten the length of time clearing the dungeon.

Note; Players will not receive a Satchel for killing the "wrong" boss -- it will be one or the other depending on which one the dungeon finder selected.

1 - General Angerforge (
He starts surrounded by 4 weak militia type dwarves that can be easily killed in a few swings or more commonly, AoE. Towards the end of the fight, he will summon in reinforcements that includes two elite medics, making the fight somewhat difficult especially for a lower level group.
Announce tactics: /p kill adds then boss

2 - Golem Lord Argelmach (
Argelmach stands in a private room of the Manufactory, guarded by two elite golems. If threatened, Argelmach will draw all living Manufactory technicians and golems to eliminate adventurers. Before taking him down, adventurers would probably find it advantageous to kill all mobs in the Manufactory first to lessen the difficulty of the fight.
Announce tactics: /p just tank and spank

3 - Hurley Blackbreath (
Have your tank bash the kegs and everyone stand back in the NW corner of the room. Your tank can then charge/attack Blackbreath to draw aggro. Stomp, or whatever is a good idea just to get everyone hitting the tank. The fight is fairly straightforward. Use any crowd control techniques you have (sheep someone, for example). Blackbreath has a lot of hit-points, so whether you choose to or not, you'll probably take out the cronies first (and in this manner, reduce the damage your tank is taking).
Announce tactics: /p take out the cronies first, use CC if you can

4 - Ribbly Screwspigot (
No special tactics, just kill
Announce tactics: /p just tank and spank

4.5 - Phalanx (
During peaceful bar times, Phalanx is friendly. If Private Rocknot drinks too many Dark Iron Ale Mugs and decides to make a ruckus, Phalanx will quickly turn into a hostile enemy.
Announce tactics: /p just tank and spank

5 - Plugger Spazzring (
This fight is very easy as a duo at 60, but also possible to solo at 60. Doing this as a rogue/druid duo is best. As a duo, there is no need to use any consumables and you can also do Lord Incendius. Simply have the druid tank, while the rogue takes out the non-elite adds. When the adds are down, Plugger goes down very fast.
Announce tactics: /p I tank Plugger, you focus on killing adds

6 - Ambassador Flamelash (
Ambassador Flamelash is a mini-boss found in the Chamber of Enchantment in Blackrock Depths. The encounter is quite easy for a balanced group. However, if care is not taken to somehow destroy the Burning Spirits that he summons, they will heal him.
With the proper combination of classes, Flamelash is no trouble at all. For a smooth defeat, be sure to have a tank and a caster with AoE. Have your tank keep Flamelash busy and periodically he will summon fire elementals four at a time. Make sure to keep your caster alive of course, but have AoE class clean up the summons and Flamelash will be down in no time.
Announce tactics: /p kill burning spirits when summoned

7 - The Seven (
All of the mobs in the encounter are immune to curses. Also the event is entirely on a timer. After a set amount of seconds, the next mob will release and aggro the first player it sees.
Announce tactics: /p just kill when they spawn

8 - Magmus (
Magmus protects the Emperor's Seat from penetration by any interested adventurers. When forced into battle, Magmus triggers statues in the Iron Hall to spew fire. The fire can be avoided by standing between statues while taking down Magmus.
Announce tactics: /p avoid fire, stand between statues while fighting

9 - Emperor Dagran Thaurissan (
All of the mobs in the seat of the room will aggro with the Emperor. Although clearing the room is recommended it is not necessary as 3 level 70s can easily handle the entire room.
Announce tactics: /p just tank and spank