Blackrock Depths - Detention Block

Status: completed, 2013-03-02
Type: Dungeon
Level Range: 51-61
Level Heroic: N/A
Players: 5
Required item level: NA

Location: Blackrock Mountain


Special Notes:
Players will not receive a Satchel for killing the "wrong" boss -- it will be one or the other depending on which one the dungeon finder selected.

For Detention Bock you only need to kill High Interrogator Gerstahn. Optional you can kill the three other bosses nearby for XP and loot.

1 - High Interrogator Gerstahn (
When you pull her she will run towards you and engage in melee range. When she is engaged the two other elites and the 3 non-elite Bloodhounds will aggro as well. Dps her down fast enough and you can usually avoid her Psychic Scream.
Announce tactics: /p dps down Gerstahn fast to avoid her physic scream

(optional bosses:)

2 - Ring of Law (
When a player stands on the mesh circle at the center of this area, it starts a plot event. The entrance to the ring is closed, and High Justice Grimstone appears in the ring. This dark iron dwarf is flagged red, but cannot be attacked; his purpose is to explain what is about to happen.
Announce tactics: /p three waves of monsters will come

3 - Lord Roccor (
He patrols the back half of the circular Halls of the Law.
Keep tank well healed as his Ground Tremor ability will interrupt any spells being cast.
Announce tactics: /p keep me healed, his ground tremor will interrupt spells being cast

2 - Houndmaster Grebmar (
He resides under the arena with his pack of pet dogs. Because he is rather out of the way, most groups running the instance won't bother with him, though he drops a fairly good caster cloak, the Spritecaster Cape.
Announce tactics: /p just tank and spank